Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Hokey Pokey, Bird Style

You put your right wing in.......

You put your right wing out.......You put your right wing in and.....

You shake your tail feathers out.....

You do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around.....

That's what it's all about!

You do the hokey-pokey!  You do the hokey-pokey!

That's what it's all about!!  Tweet!  Tweet!

Friday, July 25, 2014

On The Fence

You all thought I was joking about feeling like Snow White, didn't you?  Well, in June, on the 6th, to be exact, I looked out my kitchen window and this is what I saw.....two visitors to our yard staring back at me.
I just knew by the time I went and got my camera, they would have scurried away.  I was wrong.

Not only did they not scurry, but they hung around!  Look at him staring right back at me!  He even looks like he would like me to pick him up and hug him!  (These pictures look foggy like this because they are taken through not only my dirty windows, but the screen!)

Is that a face not only a mother could love, but half the population of New York City???  Look at that sweet little mouth and those soft, alluring eyes!  Now, I'd have to de-claw him before I let him inside to sleep with me!

And this entire time that I was photographing Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Dove was sitting there watching what I was doing and not caring what either of us was doing.  He didn't budge.

You can see, they were staring me down.  Okay, they aren't moving.....maybe Hubby got some fakes and put them out there to see if I'd notice.  I decided to go outside and see if they were real.

Yep, they were real!  Both of them said that was too close for comfort and scurried away!

Back inside and cooking again, I glanced out with camera nearby....just in case, and what a surprise....look who was trying to hide from me, but peeking around the leaves.

Quite a handsome young bird, if he does say so himself.....doesn't he look like he thinks he's the bomb!  (or she, whichever it is!)

That's all the visitors that lunch time.  Maybe they were just hungry and smelled my cooking.....or maybe I am Snow White!

Snow White....Almost

Some days I feel like Snow White.  If I held out my hand with my pointer finger extended, a small bird would come down and land and sing a song and then I would join in and the bunnies would come out from under the bushes and the deer would come sheepishly from the safety of the wooded part of the field.  Seriously.  Lately, there has been a lot of nature hanging around.  Or was it always there, and I was just in such a hurry that I didn't take time to notice?

You remember this bird family.....well they are back this year.  I took this picture tonight while watering the plants.

And this is from yesterday....this photo is untouched.  Nobody has told the doves that blue eye shadow went out in the 80's.  And who wears red stockings????  Maybe some teenagers....but not full grown women!

This sweetheart was asking me if I was hungry....she wanted to share her lunch with me.  I told her I appreciated the offer, but I really need to lose 5 pounds before my doctor visit next week.

Across the street, ole Mr. Scrooge.....won't share his lunch with anyone!

Hiding in my flower bed, this beautiful bunny feels right at home and doesn't even run when she sees us.  (No one tell her that I still have my rabbit fur coat from 1978 in the closet....about the color of her paw...).

Look at those big feet!  I can't believe kids used to carry a rabbits foot in their pocket for good luck....who in the world thought of that!

Looking very sleek and much more 2014, this lovely dove let go of the blue eye shadow, but kept the red leggings.  Just let it go, let it go!

This past Monday, when we went for our walk,  we had a cardinal couple follow follow us down the walking path, singing to us the entire time, "Thank you...Ya'll come back now, ya' hear?", or at least that's how I translated it.  Hubby says I'm crazy.

He really stands out!

Another day while waiting for Hubby to check the corn he put out to see if there were hogs tearing up his friend's field, Charlotte came down to see how I was doing.

I know, I know.....Charlotte isn't Disney, but see....even the spiders want to be friends with me.

On the same drive in the country, this rooster nearly broke his neck getting out to the fence to say hello.....I would have saved the farmer a lot of trouble if his neck was broken.

This heifer didn't even speak as we drove by.....must have had a corn cob up it's rump.

The goats were just as indifferent as the cow.....must not be any goats in Disney movies.  They are upset because they have been overlooked.

Two more cardinal pictures on the same day as the others....

This one was upset that we were leaving....

No, not Jiminy Cricket, but a good impersonator, just the same.

I expected him to start singing, "When you wish upon a star...." any moment.

And to top the entire thing off, even the cacti were trying to tell me that I am Snow White.....see?

If that isn't a Micky Mouse cacti, I don't know what is!!!  Look around....enjoy what God has put before you and give thanks!!!  There is such beauty in this old world of ours!

Friday, June 13, 2014

One Last Look

Long time no see!  Seems like I never have time to do anything anymore.  Of course, since March, we haven't been babysitting since Jesse and Bryan both were laid off from Sprint, but even with that extra time, it seems that Hubby and I are constantly running like chickens with our heads cut off. 

We have been mowing both Mother's new lawn and the lawn at her old house.  Now that it closed last Tuesday, we won't ever be mowing or painting that house again.  It was a bittersweet goodbye.  I was glad that it sold so quickly so that Steve and Joan could get some of the money back that they invested in the new house for Mother, but I was sad to see it go along with all my childhood memories.  I took some farewell photos about a month ago.

As you walked in from the garage, this is the first thing you saw....the back door.  The door that went to the patio....the door that took me out in the sunshine to lay out and tan when I was a teenager....the door that took me out to help my hubby mow as an adult.  Beside the door and behind the washer, you will see the laundry basket on wheels that I used to take out loaded with clothes and hang on the clothesline.  It has a neat pouch on the side to keep the clothespins in.  It was left behind.  No one wanted it.  I started to bring it home....we do have a clothesline, but Hubby said it would just take up space and I would never use it....and he was probably right.  I am amazed the fabric isn't rotten.  it has to be nearly 60 years old~

From ancient to modern.....there is the Bosch front loading washer that Mother was so excited to get....about 10 years ago when they first came out with them again.  The bad thing about it was it never fully dried inside and would mildew right inside the door.  That is the reason it was left behind.

That's a hand made key rack that my dad surely got in a garage sale.  It was also left behind....a reminder that my dad once was there.  My mom left a complimentary fly swatter.  lol   There are keys to who-knows-what on the dryer there in the background by that roll of paper towels.  I hope the new owners can figure out what they belong to!

 Here is the kitchen where so many great home cooked meals were cooked.  I can see the food spread out on that counter now....the turkey, the pies, the home-made rolls....the REAL mashed potatoes....and all of us girls trying to crowd into that small space to help out.  I can also see my brother and I there washing and drying dishes to help my mom out after meals....she worked and was tired after a long day of work and coming home to cook.  I can see my dad standing there in front of the stove, sticking the spoon into the chocolate pie filling and then getting in trouble from my mom for eating it before she could make the pies.  Wonderful memories were made in that kitchen.

That was my dad's computer chair....also left behind....but I brought it home with me at the last minute.  It now sits next to my dresser for me to sit in and put my socks and shoes on.
This was the den....where we watched Saturday Night at the Movies when I was young....all four of us with a big Tupperware bowl of popcorn that my mom had popped.  Fridays were time for the Wild Wild West after Mother got home from buying groceries.  And then came the grandkids and lots of memories of toddlers maneuvering around the coffee table....while all the rest of us caught up with each others lives.

The double doors that are there now haven't been there for that many years...maybe 10-15....put in by my cousin Glen, Jr.  They were to open to the atrium my mom had always dreamed about.  She was going to have lots of plants in there, but the funny thing was, once it was built, it just became another room in the house.  Unfortunately, it wasn't air conditioned.  I don't know why they never put a room unit in there.  Run up the electric bill, I suppose.   The dining room table sat over to the left....but we were always spread out all over this room once we were grown because there were too many to sit at one table.  Once the grandkids were grown, the atrium became an extension of the dining room at Christmas and Thanksgiving.....and at Christmas, it would house the Christmas tree.

The flooring was just put in within the last two years, I think, courtesy of my mom's friend, Jim, who died this past year.  He was a very generous man and was great company for my mom.  I know she misses him.

Inside the dad's computer sat against the far left wall....and my mom's treadmill sat in the right hand corner.  with the blinds raised, they had a wonderful view of the backyard, full of trees, squirrels and birds.

 The closet was where they stored the extra table and chairs for get-togethers.  Before this was the atrium, it was the patio....and we had lots of family gatherings there, too.

 On top of the little cabinet, there sat a small if someone didn't like football, they could go out in the atrium and watch something else.

 I picked the outdoor carpet for this room.....I still like it.

 One of the things I know my mom is going to miss is those solar tubes in the ceiling.  They had them put in after I was grown and boy, what a difference they made in the lighting in this house!  You never had to turn on a light til it was pitch dark outside!

One more look into the kitchen with a view of the entryway....and the living room to the right.

That's the same front door that has been there since we moved in in 1964.  The tile in the entryway is still the same tile.  Not even a crack in one.

Looking into the house from the front door.....

This is the living room....was my bedroom when I was 15-17.  I had a piano against the left hand wall.

My bed was under the window.

Maybe 15 years ago, I put the wallpaper up in this room.  I didn't realize when Mother picked this particular pattern that I would have to match the paper as I hung it or it wouldn't look good.  It was a difficult task that took many days to complete, but it was worth it.  It hasn't even begun to come down....and still looks brand new!

This was the view from my bed when it was my room....but they were just white walls back then.  And we had brown carpet.

As my brother walked past the closed door when I was in my room as a teen, he would hit the door to try to scare me....and it did, but one time, he hit it too hard,and it busted a hole in that's still got the hole in it....well, more of a crack than a hole.

A view from the den down the hall to my brother's room....

And this was my brother's room.....for the entire time he lived here....and when they would come to visit my mom and dad, he and Joan always stayed in this room.

His bed sat under that window.....

And I caught him and his first girlfriend up inside that closet right there kissing.  lol He was only 12 or so.

 And being the tattletale that I was, I went down this hall and told my mom....well, actually, I think she was in the kitchen, so I think I went the opposite direction.  Shame on me.

This was my room from the time I was 9 until I was 15.

I got to choose the room I wanted when we came and saw the house for the first time.  I chose this room because the bathroom was right across from it....and I often wet the bed so I thought this would be great.....maybe I could wake up and make it in time!

I also hung this wallpaper.  That little stove there in the wall was a lifesaver on really cold nights.  It no longer works.  I actually think they are supposed to be capped off now.  It ran on gas.

Our tub....

Look at that artistic tile.....still so pretty!

My mom and dad's can see where the bed was....the carpet is still like new.  lol

My mom's closet

 The view from their bed.....they could keep an eye on us.

My mom's bathroom.....look at that tile shine.

And I love the mosaic tile pattern here.....

Inside the bathroom was my dad's closet.

And after almost 50 years of showering, the shower still looks just like it did in 1964....built in soap dish and all.  I asked my mother how she kept it shining like this....she said a squeegee.

Goodbye kitchen.  I hope you will make the new people as happy and full as you kept all of us.

Goodbye stove that Mother scrubbed after every time she cooked.

Goodbye window that I always watched out of waiting for my date to pick me up.

Goodbye cabinet that I used as a chair to hold me while I told my mom all about the boy that I had a date with while she cooked or did the dishes.

Goodbye brand new refrigerator....lucky people to get you!

I don't think Mother even had this one a year.....maybe two.....

Spic and span fridge!

One last look in the mirror that I would check myself in before going on those dates.....

One more look at the built in toothbrush and soap holders.  They don't make them like this anymore!

Bye to the sprinkler system that I wish we could take with us and install at our house!

 Bye patio.....thanks for all the good times.

Goodbye side yard

One last time of mowing....

Hubby won't have to wear a mask at her new pecan trees.

Bye fruitless mulberry trees that weren't supposed to live more than 20 years.  You have now set a record.

Bye tree where we sat all the grandkids to have their pictures taken....

Bye ferns that good friend Jack brought a few of and they multiplied and multiplied.....and came back every year.

Bye side yard where the kids would roll down the little hill.....

Bye paint job that we so earnestly tried to keep up.....

Goodbye beautiful memories of my life as a child.....

Goodbye to the storeroom where my dad would go to smoke after he got older.

Goodbye wiring that always made me worry because my dad did it and it wasn't done professionally.

Goodbye front porch and many good times

Hubby edges the lawn for the final time.

Goodbye tree that I used to sing to....and Daddy tried to cut down....but you just wouldn't die.....We'll drive by and wave sometimes.  Please don't forget me.  I'll never forget you.